The county of Warwickshire is located in the West Midlands region of England. The county has a very good network of rail, road and airways.



Warwickshire is strategically located in the heart of England. It boasts of every kind of facility required to make a business successful. It has a very favorable business environment with several business and technology. Thanks to its infrastructure, many multinational companies have made Warwickshire their home.



The economy of Warwickshire has undergone a tremendous transformation in the last three decades. Being at the center of the transport system, the county has seen tremendous commercial and industrial development. The Bedworth and Nuneaton areas of the county are known for their enterprising people.



The county is well known for its excellence in academics and R and D efforts. The local government strongly believes in investing in skills. A program called the Warwickshire Education Business Partnership (WEBP) has been set up to provide a supply of skilled manpower as per industries' needs.



The Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) is one of biggest manufacturing groups of Europe. It participates in projects for the development and research of new products and for manufacturing processes.



The county administration offers support to all kinds of businesses. Industries from a wide range of sectors are based in Warwickshire. An increasing number of technology and knowledge based industries are moving to Warwickshire. The key players in the Warwickshire economy are the motor sport, ICT, medical technologies and professional services sectors.



With over 250 motor sport companies based in Warwickshire, it is rightly known as the “Gateway to the Motor Sport Valley.” The motor sport industry is worth about 4.6 million pounds and employs over 40,000 people. A motor sport business in Warwickshire can benefit from its steady supply of skilled employees, industry support, international supply chains and pioneering consultancy.



The professional services sector includes companies offering banking and finance, accounting, marketing and legal services. The quality of professional services offered in Warwickshire is excellent.



The county has the largest number of ICT companies in the UK after London. The Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire (CSW) region is home to approximately 1300 companies and employs over 40,000 professionals. An ICT business can gain from innovation, skills and support offered in Warwickshire.



The medical technologies sector is also emerging fast. The West Midlands region in the UK is especially known for its healthcare and medical technologies and innovation in this sector.



The city council has a program called “Enterprising Warwickshire” in place to help entrepreneurs. It offers assistance to people starting their own businesses in tourism, construction, retail and the automotive industry.



The Warwickshire Investment Partnership is a body set up by the county council to look after the investment in the county. The GVA (Gross Value Added) performance of Warwickshire for the year 2005 was over 9000 million pounds.



The county is undergoing rapid development and has a bright economic outlook.