The South East England

The South east England economy is a mammoth $323 billion, and industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotech, healthcare, ICT, high tech engineering, environment technology electronics and aerospace are thoroughly established.



It is an international transport center with fast connections to global marketplaces and European nations through the three international airports such as the Heathrow and Channel Tunning.



The commercial vicinity proves supportive to many foreign owned businesses and also has one of the highest business thriving rates in any of the English region. The economy of the South East England is mainly dominated by the tertiary sector that is the



This region has the highest population than any other region in the United Kingdom. It also has a perfect blending of social and supportive infrastructure. It is a highly advanced and research intensive economy. Around 23 per cent of Research and Development (R&D) expenditure is the spent in this region alone.



Many cities in South East England such as Oxford, Portsmouth, Southampton, Brighton, Canterbury and Winchester offer industrial clusters, key facilities and the necessary workforce which are required for international businesses to achieve lucrative and successful business in the United Kingdom.



Key industry sectors to invest:



Aerospace: In this industry there is tremendous potential in its subsectors such as defence systems, unmanned air vehicles, aerostructures, space, airport and airline services and homeland security.



Automotive: The automotive sector accounts for 9.5 per cent of all the exports in the UK. The main focusing sub-sectors are Aftermarket, Component manufacture, Vehicle Manufacture, Telematics, Motorsport  and High Tech Design and Engineering.



Creative Industry: This industry sector includes lot of prospects in the sub-sectors such as Music industry, Film and Digital Media, Advertising and Corporate Media Technology and Television and Radio.



Electronics: The South East Region is a strong place for electronic systems research, marketing and design and covers a comprehensive range of consumer good, applications and avionics.



Financial and Business Services: South East England is one of the dominant locations for financial services. This sector has a plenitude of sub-sectors such as Commercial Finance, Mortgage Funding, Business Services, Recruitment, Labor force, Management Consulting, Marketing and so on.



Healthcare and Life Sciences: There is no other place better than South East England to invest in Healthcare and Life Sciences. The main reason behind this is the presence of the National Health Service (NHS) which is the main UK customer for medicinal products.



Investors also don't need to slog to invest in this region. There are many agencies such as the one called South East England Development agency (SEEDA) set-up the government which provides free of cost confidential and highly reliable advice to international businesses planning to establish a business in the South east region. Furthermore, this agency also promises that investors get the right property which can suit their business needs for both in the short term and long term.



With so many flourishing industries, acute infrastructure and the necessary government help, South East England is definitely a safe haven for global investors.