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Northamptonshire is a fully landlocked county in the English Midlands. It a well-developed Regional County in terms of Regional Gross Value Added (GVA) and has shown an upward trend in almost all the sectors of the economy. Starting with primary sectors such as agriculture, Northamptonshire has also shown huge developments in the secondary and tertiary sectors such as Industries and Services.


Why Invest in Northamptonshire?


Due to its close proximity to Europe’s financial capital, London, Northamptonshire is well equipped with all kinds of support infrastructure such as convenient air travel facilities, a railway hub and a high-class educational background.


However, the main essence of Northamptonshire lies in its sophisticated Industrial Estate. There are as many as 80 industrial estates and office joints of every type and size, providing businesses with comprehensive choice. Each of the businesses flourishing in Northamptonshire provides access to sophisticated technology.


As it is located in the central region and occupies a prime position on the United Kingdom’s comprehensive motorway network, it provides all kinds of space irrespective of what kind of business you wish to establish. Whether you want to open a large-scale manufacturing company, a small creative business an out of the town office or any other, you will find it all in this county.


The government of the UK has also placed special emphasis on Northamptonshire, and it has now become a forerunner in obtaining the UK government’s multi-billion pound public sector investment.


Where to invest in Northamptonshire


As mentioned earlier, Northampton is flourishing in almost all sectors of the economy. However, some of the key sectors worth investing in Northamptonshire include:


Hotel Industry: Northamptonshire is a growing tourist and business destination. Easy accessibility to all types of transportation facilities has made Northamptonshire an easily reachable visitor destination. To support the strong population and the increasing visitor attraction there will soon be lots of opportunities available in the hotel industry of Northamptonshire.


Sustainable Construction: In this world gripped by global warming, there is nothing bigger than building sustainable houses. Northamptonshire has realized the benefits of growing green and has opened up several opportunities in the arena of constructing sustainable houses. Wellingborough, Corby, Towzcester, Kettering are some of the locations in Northamptonshire which are supporting the use of new and more environment friendly construction techniques.


Motorsport and High-performance Engineering: In order to achieve recognition at a global level, Northamptonshire is ready to explore and transform its already vibrant Motorsport and High-performance engineering opportunities. As it is a hub for racing, it has now planned a strategy to stimulate the growth of high performance engineering and support the industry at all levels thus opening new opportunities to investors.


To attract more investors in Northamptonshire, there are many investor friendly agencies thriving which provide accurate information and guidelines that are necessary to start, develop and sustain any business. With all its innate geographical qualities and booming industry sectors, Northamptonshire is surely the best place to start up business in the United Kingdom.