Invest in North Ireland

North Ireland is one of the four countries of the United Kingdom. It is the only place in the country where people say that their nationality is British. North Ireland is the land of forest parks, mazy lakes, blue mountains, windswept moors, and white Atlantic sands.



There is a well-developed transportation infrastructure in North Ireland. In this region there are seven motorways. The Northern Irish rail network is notable as being both the only part of the United Kingdom's railroads which is operated by a state owned company and the only part which carries no freight charges. Northern Ireland has three civilian airports, namely Belfast International, Belfast City, and City of Derry. The major seaports in this region include the Port of Larne and the Port of Belfast. In this region the roads are excellent, with miles of dual carriageway and motorway, and you are always within half an hour from the sea route. Minor roads are properly signposted. Economic growth is supported by a road network with 99% of people and freight moved by road.



In North Ireland, major towns and cities have heavy manufacturing areas. The leading industries in this region include food processing, electronics manufacturing, textile, machinery and equipment manufacturing. There are also some other important industries like paper making, aerospace, furniture manufacturing and ship building. Northern Ireland's fine linens are the most well-known around Europe. The largest manufacturing sub-sector in Northern Ireland is engineering, especially in the fields of heavy machinery and aerospace. Many of manufacturers receive financial backing facilities from British government and enjoy close business and academic links with Queen's University Belfast, which is one of the best British universities for engineering.



The business sector in north Ireland comprises of financial, technical support services and CRM with investors such as Yell, Regus, stream international and Halifax. One of the world’s largest software service provider HCL Technologies from India has led IT solutions here. Such high calibre businesses are attracted by North Ireland's excellent telecoms infrastructure, ready availability of skilled employees and  its highly competitive cost base.



Government, academics and industry have made significant promises towards life sciences. Businesses have committed $340 million to strategic investment which includes approved Government assistance of nearly $70 million. Such huge level of investment emphasizes on the region’s commitment for developing the sector. Various regions in North Ireland have competitive advantages. Belfast in North Ireland is named as a top ranking center in UK for overall customer contact and call center-based activities. Northern Ireland offers splendid telecommunications structure, a multi-lingual and highly educated workforce. Northern Ireland is an established center of electronics technologies and excellence in telecommunications.  A booming cluster of international blue chip investors and indigenous world class companies has contributed largely to the growth of this sector.



In North Ireland, services account for the majority of output and employment. Services account for 78% of employees and 70% of economic output. North Ireland has a reputation for excellence and innovation in wireless development and application, development and research in telecoms software. A young and highly educated workforce and internationally known research base is available.



Many international investors have recognized the potential of this region and have wisely invested their money.