Investment London

London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom. London is the world's largest financial center and is also of one of the leading global city. It has a diverse population, and multiple cultures and religions.



London is one of the dominant centers for commerce and international business. The major industry in London is finance and financial exports. It has the largest number of overseas banks than any other city in the world. The central part of London is home to more than 100 listed companies.



It is Europe's financial capital and has a market capitalization of $2.5 trillion. It is the leading city in terms of attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and provides the necessary and qualified staff mandatory to run business.



As Europe's creative, business and creative capital and being the major powerhouse of the UK's economy, London has become one of the world's most important cities. It is growing at an unprecedented rate and this makes it the perfect destination for investors.



However, with so many achievements already to its credit, London can't afford to remain complacent in view of competition in this globalized world. Considering this, London is now engaged with emerging and international market economies to grow its economy.



Considering the importance of foreign investment, London has set-up an agency known as the London Development Agency which works for the London's Mayor's dream of making London a sustainable world city with long-term economic growth. The London Development Agency provides strategical ways and proper coordination to promote the development of business activities in London. It functions in synchronization with partners and ensures that investors get all types of support and intelligence mandatory to set-up a business. The London Development Agency mainly addresses the barriers which enterprise face to start-up and grow businesses.



Key business sectors to invest in London:



Financial Services: London has an unrivalled concentration of capabilities and capital in the arena of financial services thus making it the number one place to do business in than any other city. It also has a proper and effective regulatory system which is completely fair and focused on drawing more and more international businesses.



Information Technology: London has huge number of opportunities in the Information Technology sub-sectors such as Software and IT Services, Telecommunications and Electronics.



Apart from these, there are also lot of potential sectors in London such as the Tourism, Research and Development, High Value added industry and so on which need to be explored. With so many already existing opportunities, world-class social and support infrastructure coupled with the 2012 Olympics, London is surely the destination which investors should bank on.