Larnakshire is popularly known for its sources of gold, silver, energy, minerals, precious stones, farm produce and dairy products. It is also known for its enterprising, skilled labor and modern economy. It is a major contributor to Scotland’s economy and has now become a successful base for many global businesses. It has a flourishing network of new and old villages and towns and provides both rural as well as urban locations to start and grow businesses. The main strength of Larnakshire lies in its flexibility, which is conducive to investment. It also has easy access to Glasgow and Edinburgh airports.


What’s attractive in Larnakshire: It is fun and now has the new World Heritage Site, Scotland’s theme park, and world-class sports facilities. In Larnakshire, new businesses get the opportunity to either lease or buy existing building of different sizes. Companies can easily lease, buy or directly move into established or new premises. Larnakshire has all sorts of accommodations, from major units to small places and industrial apartments, which are ready to be explored for business.


To attract more investment in the county, there are many agencies thriving in Larnakshire who are totally committed to supporting and developing business start-ups. These agencies also play a key role in providing businesses with proper financial assistance, business advisory services and other help required for starting and sustaining a business. There is also the Larnakshire Chamber of Commerce, which provides trusted information and advice, access to networking opportunities, international trade advice, documentation and trading.


One of the main elements that makes Larnakshire the main hotspot for investing, is the presence of the UK’s largest live office park. It has ample space and is equipped with sophisticated technologies, such as a Wi-Fi system, thus making it fit to carry out any type of business. It is also strategically located in Larnakshire and lies between Glasgow and Edinburgh and has a Grade A office accommodation of more than 756,000 sq ft of retail and other facilities.


The Planning etc (Scotland) Act 2006 has brought some new opportunities in Larnakshire. According to this act, a strategic development plan and a local development plan has been initiated which addresses key issues such as a vibrant economy that is open for business, a place with jobs and opportunities for all, lifelong learning and quality environment. All these plans are drafted in such a way that they will boost and will act as a major fillip to the investors wishing to invest in Larnakshire.


With so many new opportunities coming up to encourage business, Larnakshire is surely the best place to invest in the entire Scotland region of the United Kingdom.