Invest in East of England

East of England is located to the immediate north of London. It is renowned worldwide for its academic sector and universities. It is home to seven excellent universities.  The Cambridge University amongst them is one of the best in the world. It is also involved in a lot of research and development work. East of England is especially famous for its biotech and pharmaceutical industries.



It is very easy to commute to the country capital London, since it is located so close to East of England, which is a plus. Also, East of England has a lot of research and development engineers. Cambridge in East of England has about 185 biotech companies while Norwich has a huge pool of food, plant and microbial scientists.



It also has a lot of environment related companies which are located in Peterborough. East of England also has the fastest growing airport in Europe. Along with the Luton airport it serves all major European cities. East of England has the Felixstowe which is the largest container port in the UK.



In addition it also is a technological hub. Hitachi, Toshiba and Microsoft have their technological centers in East of England. About $100 million US is invested in Cambridge by Microsoft. This is also a good area for foreign investment.



East of England has the world’s leading pharmaceutical industries. This region has a huge talent base in the pharmaceutical industry which is a plus for all pharmaceutical companies looking to establish their base in East of England.



Pharma giant GSK (GlaxoSmithKline) has partnered with the government to set up a 170 million pounds biotechnology park at Stevengate. This will act as a hub for all companies looking to set up operations here. All inherent companies will have access to equipments, specialist skills and the expertise to make innovations and breakthroughs in the field of drug development. Hence, this is a very good investment option for foreign pharmaceutical companies.



About 290 environment related companies are located in Peterborough in East of England. The Universities of East Anglia which deals in Environmental Sciences and the Cranfield University which has a center for waste management provide R&D support in this region. So, this is also a good sector for investment for environment related companies.



Biotechnology is the most up and coming field and has applications in food science, agriculture and medicine. The UK is second only to the US in this sector. East of England is the leading region in this sector. Cambridge in East of England has alone about 180 biotech firms.



There are many companies that have got funds for their research work in the biotech sector. Also, many collaborations and partnerships have taken place in this arena to facilitate innovation. This ensures that the UK is poised to stay as the world leader in R & D of essential medicines.



East of England thus has lot of potential for investment especially in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. What strengthens its position is its quest for high value product innovation. Also, the presence of universities par excellence and a strong collaboration between the academic and business world is its major asset. So, this region is a great investment option for foreign investment.