Statistical press notice: The 2011 NHS staff survey in England

The following statistics were released today by the Department of Health:

The 2011 NHS Staff Survey.

Key points from the latest release include:

• 87% of staff said they feel satisfied with the quality of care they provide to patients, with 90% of staff feeling their role makes a difference to patients. These figures are the same as in 2010.

• 61% of staff indicated being able to do their job to a standard they are personally pleased with and 30% said there are enough staff in their organisation for them to do their job properly (down from 32% in 2010).

• There continues to be an increase in the proportion of staff receiving appraisals, up from 77% in the 2010 survey to 80% in 2011 (in 2009 the proportion of staff receiving appraisals was 69%), however only 35% of staff said these appraisals were well structured.

• 15% of all staff report that they experienced bullying, harassment and abuse from patients, their relatives or other members of the public in the previous 12 months. This figure is unchanged from 2010.

• The proportion of staff who indicated they would recommend their trust as a place to work continues to decrease (51% in 2011, 53% in 2010, and 55% in 2009) and 32% of all staff were satisfied with the extent to which they felt that their trust values their work.

20 March 2012