Application enquiry updates for Business e-services customers

We have improved the Application Enquiry service which business customers use to check details of any application.

Today we have improved the Application Enquiry service.

Used by thousands of Business e-services customers, Application Enquiry is a free, user-friendly way for customers to track the progress and status of any application. It is accessed via the HM Land Registry portal.

The additions to the current service include:

  • links from the Application Enquiry search screen to our About our servicesweb page and our user guide on GOV.UK
  • clearer and fuller explanations in the ‘help’ pages
  • more information relating to the progress stage and status of applications, particularly in the pre-processing stages on the Application Details screen. For example, customers will be able to see when an application:
    • is awaiting processing
    • is undergoing set-up activities as part of a developing title
    • has already had a request to expedite it
    • already has an approved request for an extension of time to reply to a requisition

These additions and more are covered in the user guide.

We are developing enhancements to the ‘Contact us’ form within Application Enquiry. We will share details before we make changes, which we expect will be on 21 August.