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Commission report on transitional arrangements regarding free movement of workers from Croatia

Comments Off | 06-1-2015

What is free movement of workers?
It is one of the fundamental freedoms of the EU. It includes the right of every EU citizen to move freely to another Member State and:
-       look for a job in another EU country;
-       work there without needing a work permit;
-       reside there for that purpose with their family members;

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Road investment strategy

Comments Off | 12-2-2014

Mr Speaker, I would like to make a statement about our plan to invest £15 billion in England’s strategic road network.
It is a new, 5-year, funded plan.
Backed by significant reform to make sure it happens.
New schemes.
New action.
Set out in one investment plan for the first time ever.
This is a fundamental change for the better.
And we

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Multimillion boost to UK economy as China and UK government sign civil nuclear agreement and sign agreement to deepen cooperation on climate change

Comments Off | 06-24-2014

The UK and Chinese governments have signed a civil nuclear agreement that could be worth hundreds of millions of pounds to British companies over several years.
A separate landmark agreement also confirms that Chinese companies could own and operate a Chinese designed nuclear power station, provided they meet the stringent requirements of the UK’s independent regulator.

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Financial Reporting Advisory Board publishes 17th annual report

Comments Off | 05-11-2014

The Financial Reporting Advisory Board (FRAB) today published its 17th annual report. The report highlights that the year reflected in the report saw some of the difficulties faced in changing accounting guidance when related to fundamental questions about how the public sector approaches aspects of reporting – in particular control and the use of fair

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Foreign Secretary welcomes UN vote to support Crimea

Comments Off | 03-28-2014

Following a UN General Assembly vote in favour of the resolution to affirm the commitment to Ukraine’s territorial integrity, Foreign Secretary William Hague said:
The international community has sent a strong message through the passing of this resolution that Russia cannot simply trample over international law. The result reinforces the fundamental principles upon which the UN

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