UK Government committed to historic Welsh funding floor

Wales Office Minister Alun Cairns today reaffirmed the UK Government’s commitment to introducing a funding floor for the very first time alongside the Spending Review.

Mr Cairns spoke during a House of Commons debate on the Barnett formula – the system which determines the level of central UK Government funding that the devolved administrations receive.

Mr Cairns said that the St David’s Day Command Paper published earlier this year “committed for the first time in history” to introduce a floor in the level of relative funding provided to the Welsh Government.

“A historic commitment was made ahead of St David’s Day and I have reiterated today that we will deliver on that promise to introduce a ‘funding floor’ alongside the upcoming Spending Review”, the Wales Office Minister said.

MPs were told by the Wales Office Minister that it was “now time to move the debate on from devolution. The Welsh Government needs to use the powers it already has – and those additional new powers it will gain as part of the draft Wales Bill – to get on with the job of delivering on the issues that matter for the people of Wales”

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