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Essar Steel invests into UK’s Servosteel

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Essar Steel, the Ruias owned company, Tuesday reported that it had successfully acquired Servosteel (Oakside Solutions), the UK’s biggest independent steel processor through its subsidiary, Essar Steel International BV. As the largest steel processing company in the UK, Servosteel processes about 500,000 tonnes of steel per annum.
Essar Steel did not however divulge the details of

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Covanta Energy purchased land to build new plant in Northwest England

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Covanta Energy, a leading US international Energy from Waste (EfW) provider, Monday purchased land in Northwest England to be used for the construction of a new plant. In the announcement made by the North of England Inward Investment Agency, the American company submitted an application for planning approval for the construction of a new Energy-from-waste

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Vallar Plc announced initial public offer (IPO) to fund its mining acquisition investments

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In a statement released Friday, Vallar Plc announced that it plans to hold an initial public offer (IPO) to fund its mining acquisition investments. In the plans, the company will enter the London Stock Exchange with a proposed IPO of £600 million, given its impressive long term global macroeconomic outlook for the global metals, mining

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Resolution to buy out AXA UK life business – Insurance, UK

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In an announcement Thursday, Resolution Ltd and AXA SA said they had reached a deal in which Resolution would buy off AXA UK Life Business by FPH, a subsidiary undertaking of Resolution. In the investment deal, FPH consented to the takeover of the AXA UK Life Business by agreeing to buy all issued shares of

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UK emergency budget announced to avoid sovereign debt crisis, secure economic prosperity and growth by encouraging business investments

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The UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, announced his emergency budget, outlining the country’s plans to cut sovereign debt and boost investments. Osborne supported his emergency budget plans by arguing that, even though it is tough, it is needed if the UK is to avoid sovereign debt crisis and in turn secure economic prosperity

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Investors showing support to BP in London during US Gulf of Mexico oil disaster – Oil and Gas, UK

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Amidst the current US Gulf of Mexico oil disaster facing it, BP, the worst performing oil investment so far this year on Wall Street, is finding supporters in London. Reports by Bloomberg’s money flow data indicate that BP investors have purchased more shares than they sold daily in June in London. BP stock fell to

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TPG Inc invested into Republic fashion retail chain

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Change Capital Partners Monday reported it had sold its fashion retail chain, Republic, to an American buyout firm TPG Inc. Understandably;  TPG Inc is currently seeking expansion of its business in the global fashion’s market with such investments. The investment is expected to cost the US based buyout firm an estimated £300 million from its

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Engineers lobby UK govt. for reaffirming planned investment in Green Investment Bank and UK’s Infrastructure

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On Monday, Engineers in the UK advised George Osborne, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, to use Tuesday’s emergency budget to ensure the government’s planned Investment commitment in the Green Investment Bank is reaffirmed. The engineers requested the Chancellor to offer government commitment and assurance that the Bank will attract the vital investment required in the

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UK DECC and One North East provide £7.3 million funding to INEOS Bio to develop state of the art bioethanol plant

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The UK department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and One North East, said they had awarded INEOS Bio, a biofuels technology developer, about £7.3 million in funding for the development of an advanced, state-of-the-art, waste-to-bioethanol plant to be located in the Tees Valley. INEOS Bios said the 3MW plant that is scheduled for construction

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Global Oil giant, Petrofac, acquires Newcastle based energy consultancy firm TNEI for £7.5 million

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Petrofac, a global oil giant, announced that it had acquired Newcastle based company TNEI for a deal worth £7.5 million. TNEI, an energy consultancy company in the North East, supports energy, power and renewable sectors. The company was bought through New Energy Industries Limited; TNEI’s holding company that was acquired by the oil giant and

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