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Walmart aims to be No.1 in UK’s retail as it expands and invests into another £778 million takeover

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Walmart’s Asda unit on Friday announced its plans to acquire Netto Foodstores from Denmark’s Dansk Supermarkets for a whooping £778 million as part of its expansion plans in the UK. This investment acquisition of Netto’s UK outlets will mark the first major challenge for its new Chief Executive, Andy Clarke, who took over from Andy

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Prudential’s £24.5 billion bid to takeover AIA from AIG stirs up a storm among investors and UK’s Finance industry

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Prudential reported that it’s currently in talks with AIG over the terms of its planned £24.5 billion takeover of AIA (Asian arm of AIG’s operations); however, there was no certainty it would lead to a change of the takeover terms.
The company was forced into rethinking its proposed takeover investment plans due to a potential rebellion

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Suntech Power, world’s biggest solar energy investor and manufacturer, enters UK’s Renewable energy sector

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Suntech Power Holdings Co. Ltd, the biggest manufacturer of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules, got its official certification under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) UK, a requirement for any solar investors in the UK market, for its models that have remained popular around the world. This certification means that customers and value added resellers operating in

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Broadband providers in UK declare excellent profits and plans for further investment in rural Yorkshire

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Broadband providers in the UK are expected to meet the government to discuss means through which to improve web connections in rural areas. An announcement by the KC Company revealed a planned investment of £4 million for quicker broadband in Yorkshire as the UK’s MPs prepare to meet with broadband services providers for discussions on

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Coalition announces fewer university spots and reduced funding for universities in the UK

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The UK will experience a cut in student numbers for university as had been planned by the previous government. There will be about 10,000 fewer university spots this year than had been promised by the labor government, despite record high applications. The Labor government had promised funding for 20,000 additional places for the degree courses

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Investment flows into Newport as it gets marked for rapid economic growth

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Newport is a city and unitary area in Wales, about 12 miles east of Cardiff and the largest urban area within the Monmouthshire and Gwent counties.  The city, under jurisdiction of the city council, has a population of 140,200, making it the seventh most populous unitary authority in Wales. However, independent data from a 2001

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Interesting Weekly Wrap-up of Investment News and Activity in UK

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David Cameron on Friday made it clear that he would not agree to any deals that would draw Britain into the single euro currency or come to the support of the eurozone through a new EU treaty.  At the same time, the FTSE 100 fell by 2.17% to 4,963.94, the first time it was below

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City of Dundee, Scotland presents favorable investment opportunities with council’s new Strategic Plan

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The city of Dundee is the fourth largest in Scotland and lies in the North bank of the Fifth of Tay that empties into the North Sea. The 2006 population estimates placed the metropolitan population at 159,522. A population peak of 182,204 has been recorded in 1971 that declined rapidly due to outward migration. Today,

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Invest in North Ireland, lower corporate tax

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North Ireland is the smallest of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom with a relatively small population.  Out of the twelve NUTS 1 regions, its economy is the smallest and is largely based on industry, particularly ship building, rope manufacture and textiles but in the last decades, heavy industry has gradually been

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IT industry in UK trying to recover from GFC.

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According to experts at the National Computing Center (NCC), the IT and computing industry in the UK is yet to fully recover from the effects of the global recession.  As a result of the decline from the recessionary period, major IT firms bought out the small competitors and most companies are more likely to purchase

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