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Engineers lobby UK govt. for reaffirming planned investment in Green Investment Bank and UK’s Infrastructure

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On Monday, Engineers in the UK advised George Osborne, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, to use Tuesday’s emergency budget to ensure the government’s planned Investment commitment in the Green Investment Bank is reaffirmed. The engineers requested the Chancellor to offer government commitment and assurance that the Bank will attract the vital investment required in the

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Global Oil giant, Petrofac, acquires Newcastle based energy consultancy firm TNEI for £7.5 million

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Petrofac, a global oil giant, announced that it had acquired Newcastle based company TNEI for a deal worth £7.5 million. TNEI, an energy consultancy company in the North East, supports energy, power and renewable sectors. The company was bought through New Energy Industries Limited; TNEI’s holding company that was acquired by the oil giant and

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NorthWest Regional Development Agency, UK, appoints 6 fund managers for £185 million business loan fund

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The North West Regional Development Agency (NWDA) announced the appointment of six fund managers responsible for the European backed business loan fund. The loan fund, an estimated £185 million, will cater for business in the region and constitutes a grant of £92.4 million from the European Regional Development Fund and an additional £92.4 million, to

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Northwest England attracts highest FDI in 2009 to become most preferred business destination outside London

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According to the latest Ernst & Young commissioned report on FDI, the Northwest of England was helped largely by the huge number of FDI inflows into Merseyside to become the most suitable location to locate a business in the UK, outside of London for both foreign businesses and services companies.
In the report, the UK retained

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London helps UK stay top Foreign Investment destination in Europe according to statistical reports

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A report commissioned today shows that the UK has continuously remained top in the attraction of foreign investments in Europe. Its capital, London, has sustained its reputation as a hub for the global financial sector, coupled with UK’s vibrant corporate relationships with US, have bolstered UK’s lead as the top European destination for inward investments.

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Investments from AXA, EA, Telefonica and others into Dublin create job opportunities

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Insurance company AXA plans to create 200 new jobs in Dublin in the coming three years through the establishment of a global life-product distribution and servicing subsidiary. In this expansion investment, the company intends to create jobs at AXA Global Distributors in Dublin in marketing, finance, information technology, telephone sales, product development, customer services, policy

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Broadband providers in UK declare excellent profits and plans for further investment in rural Yorkshire

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Broadband providers in the UK are expected to meet the government to discuss means through which to improve web connections in rural areas. An announcement by the KC Company revealed a planned investment of £4 million for quicker broadband in Yorkshire as the UK’s MPs prepare to meet with broadband services providers for discussions on

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Investment flows into Newport as it gets marked for rapid economic growth

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Newport is a city and unitary area in Wales, about 12 miles east of Cardiff and the largest urban area within the Monmouthshire and Gwent counties.  The city, under jurisdiction of the city council, has a population of 140,200, making it the seventh most populous unitary authority in Wales. However, independent data from a 2001

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City of Dundee, Scotland presents favorable investment opportunities with council’s new Strategic Plan

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The city of Dundee is the fourth largest in Scotland and lies in the North bank of the Fifth of Tay that empties into the North Sea. The 2006 population estimates placed the metropolitan population at 159,522. A population peak of 182,204 has been recorded in 1971 that declined rapidly due to outward migration. Today,

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Invest in North Ireland, lower corporate tax

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North Ireland is the smallest of the four countries that make up the United Kingdom with a relatively small population.  Out of the twelve NUTS 1 regions, its economy is the smallest and is largely based on industry, particularly ship building, rope manufacture and textiles but in the last decades, heavy industry has gradually been

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