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THE UK is an investment hot spot for investors from all over the globe and many share market stalwarts have chosen to invest UK for decades, and will continue to do so for many more. The UK investment market is often referred to as HQ UK - the headquarters of many different types of blue chip and xx investment options that drive investment UK-bound from all corners of the world.The FDI UK statistics that are collected by UK companies annually show that many foreign investors choose to invest UK in the months where the market is experiencing an upward swing, rather than the historical best to time to make investments in share markets – when stocks are low.


The HQ UK stock market experiences many volatile upward and downward spirals within a normal financial year, which affect the sentiment of investors who are searching for the right type of investment UK markets have to offer. Data shows that UK trade investment comes from hundreds of other countries and areas where investors have decided that FDI UK-bound would be favourable for their portfolios. UK private and public companies have been collecting FDI UK data since 1958 when it became evident that many foreigners were willing to invest UK and increasingly saw investment UK-style as a feasible option.


HQ-UK has several different FDI UK-qualifying rules, but not many are so arduous or unfair that they have noticeably impacted the choice of foreigners to out their investment UK off course for any lengthily period of time. However, some data does show that foreign direct investment in the UK and the propensity of foreigners to invest UK did undergo a slump due to FDI definitions that were released in 1995 and affected the sentiment of some foreigners with investment UK-bound in mind. The surveys showed that the worst moves the UK trade investment figureheads could have chosen was to move the FDI qualifying threshold – which in turn caused some FDI UK hopefuls to consider alternatives to invest UK or consider the HQ UK as a constructive investment environment.


However, more recent UK FDI earnings show that not only are current investors who are recovering from the global financial crisis happy to consider investment UK-bound, but they are also researching HQ UK more than ever in a bid to invest UK in the long term. The UK investment environment offers plenty of opportunities for investors in the foreign market and the UK trade investment scene is considered as one of the most fruitful in the world.


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